Quick Connect at Annual and Connectivity Roadshow

Upcoming Events

In-Person Connectivity Events Taking Shape

AgGateway is excited to announce plans to engage both members and non-members through connectivity opportunities and education events over the next eight months.

For experienced members who are already implementing digital connectivity messages – or who would like to start – we will once again host our Quick Connect trading partner program during the AgGateway Annual Meeting, November 14-16, 2022 in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Quick Connect

The Quick Connect program brings trading partner representatives together to discuss connectivity opportunities, scheduling, and other implementation needs in a neutral environment that fosters cooperation. Beyond networking, Quick Connect meetings provide a framework where pain points can be addressed, and solutions discussed.

In preparation for the Quick Connect program, Volunteers will be reaching out to member organizations to verify connectivity capacity and capabilities in the coming weeks. Please be on the lookout for a phone call or email.

Also, if you invite a trading partner who is not a member to register for the annual conference, there is a significant discount for the invited participant. Be sure to let them know to register as “Invited Trading Partner” for the discounted rate, and if they have questions to contact Member Services.

Connectivity Roadshow 

For the first time, AgGateway is setting up a series of educational sessions in early 2023 to inform the industry at large about the value of business data interoperability, and the specific tools and solutions being developed by AgGateway and implemented by its members.

Three events are currently being planned in the Midwestern US, with the first on January 11 at Prairie Meadows in Altoona, IA. Membership in AgGateway is not required.

“This is a business-problem-focused session that will explore pain points common to retailers, and it will provide a platform for sharing the value received by experienced digital connectivity implementers,” says Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO.

There will be no cost to attend, and lunch will be provided for the one-day session. Those who will benefit most from the experience will be business and business-aligned technical personnel who want to know more about how standardized data exchange can help their business be more effective, efficient, and profitable.

Look for more event details in upcoming newsletters and member communication.