ARVA Intelligence: Data Standards and Interoperability are Critical

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ARVA Intelligence: Data Standards and Interoperability are Critical

AgGateway is pleased to welcome ARVA Intelligence as a new member. An early-stage startup company, ARVA’s mission is to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help farmers optimize profitability and sustainability on the farm.

The company’s early work focused on optimizing input application, in particular crop nutrition and seed, by aggregating disparate existing and collected field data to feed into recommendations through its proprietary platform. But with growing interest in carbon programs from the industry and federal government, ARVA has been working diligently as a partner and participant on carbon crediting programs.

Chief Soil Scientist Lacey Pyle says that ARVA is a real believer in the value of the trusted adviser in the crop production process, and the company is working cooperatively with both to ensure that systems and products they develop align with existing processes.

Pyle sees two pieces of key value in ARVA Intelligence joining AgGateway. First, it’s a way to gain visibility with leading agriculture companies and organizations that are leading the charge on data interoperability and industry cooperation. Second, while standards and interoperability have made progress, there’s work to be done as far as industry utilization of what’s currently available, and AgGateway is providing leadership and stewardship in data standardization.

“Our entire platform is based on data, and we know farmers have been collecting data for years and years,” says Pyle, “but it hasn’t been utilized. We have been working to ensure that we can take farm data, standardize it across our platform and across other platforms so that farmers have access to the insights the data they are collecting can provide. That’s what interested us in AgGateway -- the idea of standardizing data access. It is something the industry desperately needs.”