Update Highlights, Approaching a Milestone, and Standardizing the Data Model

ADAPT Advancements

Update Highlights, Approaching a Milestone, and Standardizing the Data Model

By Jim Wilson, AgGateway Chief Technology Officer

As AgGateway’s ADAPT approaches the quarter-million mark in downloads, its contributors continue to develop and implement a steady stream of improvements. On 27 April, AgGateway released new versions of the ADAPT Framework (2.8.0 and 2.8.1) and ISO Plugin (4.2.0). These releases improve support for data logs, prescription management, AEF DDI mappings, and seed units of measure. A more detailed list of changes and improvements are listed below, and complete technical details are available at https://github.com/adapt.

AgGateway’s ADAPT Framework 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 highlights include:

  • Moved DataLogTriggers to WorkItem and marked prior location obsolete.
  • Allowing for multiple logging methods within DataLogTrigger.
  • Added DataLogTrigger.RequestDefaultProcessData to support requesting the default set of process data variables from an ISO11783-compliant Task Controller.
  • Moved Prescription OutOfFieldRate and LossOfGpsRate to RxProductLookup to support default rates per product. Marked prior location obsolete.
  • Adding DDI mappings for product mix quantity representations

AgGateway’s ISO Plugin 4.2.0 highlights include:

  • Allowing for Version 3 exports via "ExportVersion" property
  • Cleanup of default TreatmentZone ProcessDataVariables for Raster prescriptions
  • Fixing unit conversions on prescription exports
  • Handling DataLogTriggers from WorkItem objects
  • Support for DefaultSet (DFFF) DataLogTriggers
  • Support for multiple DataLogMethods on DataLogTriggers
  • Support for per-product LossOfGPS and OutOfField Rates
  • Handling 'seeds' unit of measures on export
  • Update to Framework version 2.8.1

AgGateway anticipates continued steady progress on improving ADAPT. Meanwhile, the team is finalizing plans to convert the widely accepted ADAPT Data Model into an international standard.

The team is eager to meet face-to-face at AgGateway’s Mid-Year Meeting in Altoona, Iowa, USA, 13-16 June, and we welcome any interested stakeholder to attend and participate. If you have any questions or wish to discuss ADAPT further, contact me directly via email.