Education to Expand at Annual Conference Following Successful Mid-Year Sessions

AGIIS Insider

Education to Expand at Annual Conference Following Successful Mid-Year Sessions

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Manager

Driven by feedback from AgGateway membership and AGIIS users earlier this year, the Mid-Year Meeting in June provided an additional emphasis on a deeper dive educational track around the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS).

Subscribers indicated that their teams could use additional training to better utilize the services and resources that AGIIS offers. So, in addition to the AGIIS 101 session which lays the foundation for the use of unique identification in the agriculture industry, we also offered attendees an AGIIS 102 education session. In this session, we walked attendees through subscriber and user profile management, entity and product search functionality, extracts, services, and available resources. With feedback provided after these sessions, along with the Mid-Year Meeting survey results, we can say these sessions were a huge success!

We can also say that we have plenty more to offer. With this being our first offering of an AGIIS 102, we found that with the amount of material to cover, and allotting time for discussion and Q&A, we simply did not have enough time to cover all that we intended. For this reason, we will be looking to add even more AGIIS education sessions at this year’s Annual Conference in Nashville, TN, November 13-15.

If you or your team would benefit from attending these AGIIS education sessions, I would encourage you to consider attending our next Annual Conference. We will continue to offer AGIIS 101 to provide attendees with a basic understanding of AGIIS. AGIIS 102 will cover Profile Management, Entity lookup, Add and Update functionality, and Update Extracts. Additionally, with AGIIS 103, we will discuss AGIIS Product Lookup, Product Maintenance, and Product Extracts. Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of all AGIIS has to offer, along with tips & tricks to be a more efficient and proficient user of AGIIS.

If you or your team would like any additional training between now and the Annual Conference, please don’t hesitate to contact Member Services.