Project Highlight

Gauging Interest in Mix Ticket Message Update

By Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager

The importance of efficiency and accuracy in mixing and blending of inputs continues to make news in ag media, and it has been a front and center priority at AgGateway.

A few years ago, an AgGateway Working Group took on and completed the dispensing work order and dispensing work record messages, which are commonly referred to as Mix Ticket. The goal of this effort was to standardize the interface between member’s software systems and the process control systems that run mixing and blending machinery.

Several members successfully implemented the Mix Ticket messaging, which focused on the blending of crop protection and crop nutrition products ahead of loading into an applicator for a field operation. In addition, a handful of AgGateway members implemented these messages to manage animal feed mixing equipment since the general process is very similar.

Now, based on suggestions from some members along with discussion in the new Dairy Feed Data Working Group, the time has come to consider revisiting this work and possibly spinning up a new Working Group to focus on updating the messages.

We are interested in involving organizations that have implemented the dispensing work order and work record messages, as well as those who considered it but have not for specific reasons. We need your help to identify and address existing gaps and needed changes so that implementation can increase among members.

We are in the process of gauging interest in reviewing the work and would love to get your perspective. If there is sufficient interest and a clear understanding of what changes might be needed, we will put together a Working Group to review and update the work to make sure AgGateway digital resources are staying current and remaining useful to members.

If you are interested in participating in a Working Group, or simply want to provide your perspective, send me an email ( and we can set up a time to talk. Thank you for your membership and participation in AgGateway activities.