AGIIS Insider

Messy Subset? We Have Resources That Can Help!

By Chris Crutchfield, AGIIS Product Manager

We often think of Spring as a time to get things cleaned up and organized. Now that Spring is finally here, what better time than now to get your AGIIS subset in order? For some, this can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. We are here to help and can point you to several resources within AGIIS to help you easily add, update, and remove entities from your subset.

If you are interested in starting out the year with a well-maintained AGIIS subset, I first suggest running a subset extract. This report provides you all the entities in your subset including the industry identifier, entity demographics, and your internal proprietary code. You can use this report to cross-reference your internal system and provide insight as to which customers may need to be added or removed from your subset, depending on whether you continue to do business with them.

Entities can easily be added, updated, or removed from your subset using the web interface, especially if just a few updates are needed. But what if your subset requires hundreds, or even thousands of updates? The easy-to-use CSV file format may be the answer. This file format can be used by even the most non-technical user and is a great way to make mass updates with ease. If you want to learn more, contact Member Services for a quick overview.

So, whether you have just a few, or even thousands of updates, there is no excuse to not get your subset in order. The Member Services team is here to help, and can make what may seem like a dauting task much easier than you think. If you are interested in doing a little Spring cleaning to your AGIIS subset, give Member Services a call. We will be happy to walk you through these resources to get your subset in order, just in time for Spring!