Member Services

Orientation Webinar Next Week

By Nikki Marshall, Member Services Program Manager

Happy almost-spring, everyone!

Now that March is upon us, it’s time for the first of four Member Orientation Events that the Member Services Team, along with select AgGateway staff, host each year. This first of two virtual sessions available in 2024 will be held on March 5 beginning at 10 am central time.

Whether you work for company that has recently joined AgGateway, or you’re just starting to take part in AgGateway activities with a long-time member, we welcome you to join us to gain more insight into the workings of the organization and the opportunities that membership can provide, including:

  • The mission and vision of AgGateway
  • How work gets done
  • Overview of current connectivity tools, systems, and resources available to members
  • How you can get directly involved in the process
  • And be sure to bring your questions!

A second virtual session will be scheduled later this year, and two in-person sessions will be conducted at our face-to-face meetings in June and November.

This event is only available to individuals who work for a member organization. If you did not receive the communication with the registration link, please contact Member Services and we will be happy to provide that. If you are with a non-member organization and would like to know more about AgGateway, please contact Member Services at

Finally, we would love to hear your input if you have suggestions for additional educational webinars. If there is a specific topic, resource, or system where you would like additional training, please reach out to Member Services.