2024 March Member Updates

2024 March Volume 18  Number 2

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From the President

Adapting to an Ever-Changing Business Climate

By Brent Kemp, President and CEO

I was talking with a staff member earlier this week about the weather. It’s nearly 75 degrees, they said, and tomorrow we expect snow. And then it will be a slow rise back to warm spring temperatures. That sounds a lot like the business we’re in these days: actively addressing a problem or a customer, followed by an unexpected change in business conditions, and then a period of evaluating whether the latest change is something to focus on or if the prior work is still a priority. It could be a merger or acquisition, leadership change, or regulatory ruling that’s caused the reflection. Regardless, it’s something to deal with. Read more >

Portfolio Update

Q1 Outreach and Portfolio Progress Report

By Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager

In addition to the usual flurry of virtual Working Group and Committee meetings, February travel allowed AgGateway leadership, including yours truly, to focus on driving additional engagement and awareness of AgGateway working groups across the industry.

The month started with a visit to the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta to make contacts within the animal feed industry. The primary goal was to increase awareness of the upcoming Dairy Feed Data Standards Assessment working group that will be kicking off this month with several new-to-AgGateway participants. Read more >

Member Services

Orientation Webinar Next Week

By Nikki Marshall, Member Services Program Manager

Happy almost-spring, everyone!

Now that March is upon us, it’s time for the first of four Member Orientation Events that the Member Services Team, along with select AgGateway staff, host each year. This first of two virtual sessions available in 2024 will be held on March 5 beginning at 10 am central time. Read more >

Latin America

February Member Meeting Report

By Jose Alexandre Loyola, Regional Director

On February 20th, AgGateway Latin America held its first in-person meeting of members for 2024. Held at PwC AgTech Innovation in Piracicaba, the 20 individuals in attendance enjoyed a full day of networking and learning. Read more >

Project Update

PAIL Revisited: Raising the Profile on AgGateway’s Irrigation Standards

By Paul Schrimpf, Marketing and Communications Director

Nearly a decade ago, 23 organizations with a stake in the connectivity of irrigation-related sensors, software, and equipment came together to participate in an AgGateway curated project to establish standards in key aspects of irrigated farm operations.

The goal of the Precision Ag Irrigation Language project, or PAIL, was to provide an industry-wide format to enable the exchange and use of data to and from irrigation management systems, many of which were stored in myriad proprietary formats. Read more >


Mid-Year Meeting Update

By Paul Schrimpf, Director of Marketing and Communications

Believe it or not, in about three months the AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting will be upon us. The preliminary agenda will be released in the next few weeks, and plans are well underway to provide attendees with a beneficial networking and learning experience.

"Our 2024 conference theme, 'Collaborate - Create - Innovate,' captures the essence of the work we do at AgGateway," says Brent Kemp President and CEO. "Member organizations commit to collaborating with like-minded stakeholders to create connectivity solutions in a safe, non-competitive environment. These solutions reduce friction and inefficiency between trading partners, allowing our members to focus on bringing innovation to the value chain. Read more>

Upcoming Events

New Member Orientation (virtual)

5 March 2024

Look for Invitation Coming Soon or Contact Member Services (email link)

2024 Mid-Year Meeting

10-12 June 2024

Prairie Meadows, Altoona, IA

2024 Annual Conference

11-13 November 2024

Austin, TX