Have a Look: New Videos on Process Efficiency, Testimonials on Digital Ag


Have a Look: New Videos on Process Efficiency, Testimonials on Digital Ag

AgGateway Communications Committee

Looking for a concise and effective “elevator speech” on what AgGateway is and why it’s so important? Here’s one new tool that can help: an entertaining 2-minute graphic video that focuses on how digital connectivity improves business. The video, entitled, “Process Efficiency”, is the first in a series we will be creating about what AgGateway does and how expanding digital connectivity benefits the industry.

The video asks the viewer to imagine a time when supermarket chains had no computer scanning systems, and draws a comparison to the lack of process efficiency still present in some parts of agriculture. Working with AgGateway to create the standards and connections for connectivity helps companies “ditch manual processes” and deliver process efficiency.

We encourage you to share the video with colleagues and trading partners who ask about AgGateway, or who may not realize how important it is to prioritize digital implementations. View it here.

Our members share their thoughts

Also new: two brief video clips from our members that give powerful testimonials on the value of working with AgGateway. These are great clips to share with executives who are considering working with AgGateway, or who want to find out more about the value of working with the organization.

You'll find them on the AgGateway home page, or click on these links:

Video 1: Land O’Lakes, Topcon, Vis Consulting, Key Coop

Video 2:  SSI, Key Coop, EFC Systems, National Crop Insurance Services, Ceres Solutions, AGCO

Thanks to our members who participated!