AgGateway Job Opening: Seeking Member Implementation Manager

Staff Opening

AgGateway Seeks Member Implementation Manager

AgGateway is seeking a Member Implementation Manager. This is a part-time, contractor position. The job description follows:

Job Summary

The Member Implementation Manager is a new position created to assist members in maximizing the value of AgGateway and related digital resources. This includes working closely with new and existing members to coach them through internal, company-specific implementations, as well as implementations with trading partners, so that members can quickly realize the value of digital connectivity. The role also includes responsibility for researching and presenting on emerging technologies that have implications for members, and for AgGateway’s priorities in developing digital resources.

The Member Implementation Manager will work closely with other AgGateway staff including the Director of Member Relations, the Chief Technology Officer, the Portfolio Manager, and other staff and volunteer leaders.


The Member Implementation Manager reaches out to AgGateway members to assist them in matching their connectivity needs to AgGateway digital resources, and helps them work to implement those resources in order to reap the value of connectivity. The Member Implementation Manager will also work directly with new member companies to make sure they can access AgGateway resources as quickly as possible, so that they realize the value of AgGateway membership and see a clear course for future work and implementations. This individual will develop plans to coordinate this outreach with other key staff, including the Director of Member Relations.

Another important role of the Member Implementation Manager will be to stay abreast of emerging technologies that have implications for AgGateway members. The Member Implementation Manager will regularly report to key AgGateway staff and members on these emerging technologies, how they may impact or benefit members, and how they should be considered as AgGateway pursues the development of additional digital resources.

The Member Implementation Manager should expect to travel (once the pandemic abates) in support of member implementation needs and to attend meetings of the organization, as necessary.

As with all AgGateway staff positions, the role also includes occasional duties as assigned by the President and/or the Executive Vice President, or to fulfill needs of the organization.


The ideal candidate:

  • Understands the agriculture industry and the application of digital technology throughout the supply chain. (This individual does not need to be expert in actual digital implementation.)
  • Possesses 3-5 years of experience in group/meeting facilitation and presentation
  • Possesses 3-5 years of experience in project management including:
    • Requirements gathering and solicitation
    • Technical and business analysis
    • Scope management
    • Relationship management
  • Is self-motivated and highly organized
  • Has exceptional interpersonal skills in order to foster collaborative decision-making and commitment to implementation
  • Has excellent written and verbal communication skills.

To apply, submit resume and cover letter by November 26 to Member Services at