Presentations Now Available on 2021 and 5-Year Plans to the Membership

Strategic Plan

Presentations Now Available on 2021 and 5-Year Plans to the Membership

By AgGateway Marketing Communications Director Susan Ruland

The AgGateway board thanks all those who participated in the recent webinars reviewing AgGateway's 2021-2025 strategic plan, 2021 annual plan, and 2021 financial estimates.

We’ve posted a pdf of the presentation for members to download and review. The deck contains information on AgGateway’s goals and objectives, value proposition for members, and anticipated dues and fees. We invite you to take 45 minutes or so to watch the video and review the presentation deck.

2021 AgGateway Plan and Budget Presentation (pdf of presentation deck)

2021 AgGateway Plan and Budget Presentation Recording (watch the presentation)

2021 Budget and New Dues Structure

As a reminder, membership dues will be restructured in 2021 to create a single global dues structure for all members. This allows us to have a simple structure without multiple components. For example, we will no longer have regional or grain components to factor into dues. Dues will now be based on global sales revenue – and revenue is based on all sales, not just agricultural sales.

The simplified dues structure will make it easier for members and prospective members to know what their membership dues will be. Some members will see their dues increase but others will see their dues decrease. Any increase in dues will be stepped up over three years, and any decrease in dues will be stepped down over three years. Our goal is to keep membership dues flat for at least three years.

The AGIIS subscription fees structure will remain as is, which means AGIIS revenue tiers remain the same as they were in 2020; AGIIS fees remain flat for 2021. AGIIS SuperSupporters will become regular subscribers. We will revisit the AGIIS fees structure/rates in 2021 moving into 2022.

Any questions can be directed to Member Services at