Call for Nominations: Ron Storms Leadership Award

Member Recognition

Call for Nominations: Ron Storms Leadership Award

By the Communications Committee

Is there a veteran AgGateway leader whose work you've really admired at AgGateway? It may be someone on the board of directors, steering committee, or within a working group, committee or project team that you think goes above and beyond the call of duty, and really keeps things moving. Finally, is this someone who has been involved with AgGateway for at least two years as a member volunteer (not staff), and has he or she demonstrated their leadership in more than one place, on more than one activity?

If so, help us recognize that exemplary leadership and nominate them now for the AgGateway Ron Storms Leadership Award. Nominations are due Friday, September 17. Details are available here. It's not hard to make a nomination and requires just a few minutes of your time. Recent past winners include Ann Vande Lune, Eric Hoefing, Joe Tevis and Randy Fry.

We'll be presenting the award during the virtual Annual Conference in November. Evaluation will be based on:

  • Dedication to the mission to promote and enable the industry's transition to digital agriculture
  • Leadership in moving eConnectivity goals and activities forward; i.e., achieving progress
  • Ability to promote collaboration among AgGateway teams
  • Participation in AgGateway working groups, committees, former councils and projects, and/or task forces for at least 2 years
  • Active participation and leadership in at least 2 different activities (e.g., working group leadership, project participation, council/committee management, task force participation, etc.)
  • Candidate's company must be an AgGateway member at the time of nomination.

Let your colleague know how much you appreciate their hard work and make a nomination now!