Member Services

How to Talk about AgGateway

By Chris Crutchfield, AgGateway Member Services

Have you ever needed a quick summary of AgGateway’s mission and benefits to share with a colleague or trading partner? Or maybe you need a few slides about AgGateway to drop into a presentation you’re giving… or a video or flyer on AgGateway activities. We have a central location on the AgGateway website for these resources, which we call the Communications Kit.

Here are just a few of the communications resources you’ll find in this helpful section:

  • The Annual Report (including Spanish and Portuguese versions)
  • Links to helpful videos, including the 2-minute graphic video describing some of the benefits of connectivity, and member testimonials
  • An “Introduction to AgGateway” presentation (PowerPoint)
  • A link to the AgGateway Case Studies
  • Flyers and videos on AgGateway digital resources including the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS), the Ag Glossary, ADAPT, and more
  • Flyers on some of our recent initiatives, from soil lab standards to irrigation (some of these are translated into Spanish and Portuguese).

Looking for something you can’t find in the Communications Kit? Just let us know at – we’ll be happy to help. And the Communications Committee always welcomes new ideas and requests for resources that you need to help spread the word about AgGateway.