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New ADAPT Releases

By Jim Wilson, AgGateway Chief Technology Officer

AgGateway’s ADAPT Oversight Committee continues to make steady development progress on ADAPT. On April 14 AgGateway made the following releases:

  • ADAPT Framework v2.4.0, which includes:
    • Added ContextItems in OperationData and new type in OperationTypeEnum=DataCollection
  • ISOXML Plugin v 3.3.1, which includes:
    • Fix to handling Condensed DDIs when greater than 16 sections
    • Fix to null reference exceptions with Linklists containing missing Linkgroup designators
    • Improved comments on product import of context items relating to ShippedItemInstance plugin
  • The ADAPT group is also working on a cotton plug-in, and is in the process of updating the observation collection to cotton requirements.
  • The ADAPT Framework is freely available as source code (GitHub) and as compiled .NET libraries (NuGet).