Member Services

A Little Maintenance Makes a Big Difference

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Manager

Well, I finally knocked out that project I have been putting off all winter long. For months, I would tell my wife, “I sure would like to redo the home office!” But I kept putting it off and putting it off. Finally, after talking about it for months, she casually says to me, “It’s supposed to be rainy and cold all weekend. Why don’t you get started on your office?” The next morning, I hit the hardware store, got my supplies, and got to painting!

Sometimes, all we need is a gentle nudge to get us going.

I hope this article serves the same purpose: A gentle reminder to subscriber administrators to review and maintain their user profiles and product extracts. Each spring, Member Services encourages Subscriber Administrators to inactivate users no longer accessing AGIIS and to review privileges, email addresses, and phone numbers of active users. This year, we sent subscriber administrators a communication on February 27. This communication walks admins through the process, making it easy.

We also ask consumers of product extracts to review their extract profiles. If an extract is no longer needed, we ask that they discontinue it. If the extract is generating daily, but a weekly or monthly extract would suffice, we ask that they update the frequency. The goal is to minimize the number and frequency of product extracts to help improve delivery time. This communication was sent to recipients of product extracts on February 28.

Much like me and my office renovation, you may also be putting off this important exercise. If you missed these communications and would like them re-sent, please contact Member Services. With step-by-step instructions, we make it easy to complete these tasks.

If you have questions or need assistance maintaining user profiles or updating product extract profiles, please contact Member Services at, or at +1 (866) 251-8618.