Working Group to Review ADAPT Applicability to European Reporting

Europe Region Update

Working Group to Review ADAPT Applicability to European Reporting

Last month, AgGateway Europe hosted a virtual meetup to discuss how ADAPT might fill data reporting gaps that currently exist between major systems currently in use on the continent. Organizations are feeling the pressure from potential new regulations on the horizon, which would require additional reporting by farmers through a system that is not fully optimized.

Today, a variety of e-messages are used to transfer data and to report farming practices for regulatory purposes across Europe, making the need to streamline the exchange of data much more urgent.

With the advancement in the ADAPT standardization effort and the Serialization working group, the potential to utilize ADAPT as a standard interface for transferring this data would be beneficial to the agricultural industry in Europe. The meetup offered for discussion the creation of a new Working Group to build on the work done by the Closed Loop Spray group by mapping the identified models commonly used in the Europe against the ADAPT Standard data model to ensure it supports the use cases identified by the Working Group.

Joined by Portfolio Manager Ben Craker and North American Director Jeremy Wilson, the meetup drew significant attendance from Europe region members and non-member stakeholders. Ultimately, the group agreed to propose a new Working Group and develop a charter. The charter was approved by AgGateway leadership in late March, and a call for participation will be released on April 5.

“We’re very pleased that interest in ADAPT is continuing to expand as it moves forward on the path to becoming a standard,” says Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager. “ADAPT is being utilized more and more in global markets, and it’s great to see discussions about its utilization moving forward in the Europe region.”