Europe Region

Year-End Seminar Taking Shape

By Conny Graumans, Europe Region Director

Details are coming together for the AgGateway Europe Region Year-End Seminar. The event, chaired by Klaus-Hebert Rolf of Class and 365FarmNet, will be held on Thursday 7 December from 9:00 - 16:00 CET (Paris) in Brussels at the Saxony-Anhalt to the EU.

This in-person session is open to AgGateway members and non-members. A sign-up page for the conference is available here.

The focus for the Brussels meeting will be on the impact of new EU policies, directives and legislation on agriculture, and how IT can support farmers and input-providers to act according to (new) EU legislation and to prove compliance to this new legislation.

The idea is to bring together policy makers, IT-solution providers, farm input providers, and manufacturers of farm machinery and equipment from European countries to share thoughts and insights on integrated solutions on the following three topics:

  • Water Management
  • CO2 Footprint Management
  • Weed Control (Autonomous Robots)

The program will include several introductory presentations on these topics from leading organizations, including Saxony Anhalt, CEMA, EU DG AGRI, in addition to solution providers. We will also be hosting breakout sessions to be announced soon.

The event site is located at Boulevard Saint Michel 80, B-1040, Brüssel. The following hotels are recommended for attendees:

Direct questions to me via phone at +31 6 43038612, and we look forward to seeing you there.