Member Services

Commitment to Excellence in Time of Transition

Nikki Marshall, Member Services Program Director

As mentioned in last month’s Member Update, after 20 years of working with AGIIS and AGIIS’s predecessor, RAPID, Josh Wall has moved on to a new opportunity in the agriculture industry. The Member Services team will miss Josh’s expertise, knowledge, mentorship, and friendship! Those of us that have worked with Josh can certainly relate.

With Josh’s absence, what does this mean for you as AgGateway members and AGIIS subscribers? Not much, thankfully! Chris Crutchfield has transitioned into the AGIIS Product Manager position, and I have moved into the Member Services Program Manager role formerly held by Chris. Together with Kimberly Chauche as Administrative Assistant, this remains a deeply experienced team that is as committed as ever to ensuring member and subscriber support stays consistent and dependable.

Plans are in place to hire a new Member Services Analyst position, and we have full confidence that this person will be an asset to the organization. While in this transitional period, we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience as the team progresses into our new roles. We are all excited to bring new perspectives into these long-established roles and will continue working to grow AgGateway and AGIIS to our utmost ability.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Member Services at or at +1 (866) 251-8618.