AGIIS Insider

AGIIS Annual Maintenance: What Subscribers Need to Know

By Chris Crutchfield, AGIIS Product Manager

On an annual basis, the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) undergoes a series of required maintenance activities spanning two separate weekends. I’d like to take this opportunity to describe the maintenance that was performed last month, and remind subscribers to review and apply updates resulting from these activities.

On January 20, we applied updates from United States Postal Service with Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS) and National Change of Address (NCOA) updates. LACS updates occur when rural route addresses are updated with a street address to accommodate the 911 emergency service. NCOA updates occur when the postal service is made aware that a business or individual has changed addresses.

We also ran an address standardization process that standardizes addresses according to the United States Postal Service, and we inactivated entities that are no longer in any subscriber subset.

On January 27, we performed our annual de-duplication process. During this maintenance, we identify records that are duplicates and determine a surviving record based on a set of prioritization business rules. Entities determined to be duplicates are inactivated.

Both maintenance activities resulted in changes to some entities in AGIIS. Many subscribers will have entities in their subset that are impacted. So, in addition to normal update extracts, subscribers received an additional extract with updates resulting solely from a maintenance activity.

To maintain synchronization with AGIIS and other trading partners, it is important for subscribers to review these reports and determine if updates need to be made to their internal systems. Subscribers that would like to know more about the update process and synchronizing with AGIIS can contact Member Services at