Article Series Will Dive Deep into AGIIS Functionality, Capabilities

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Article Series Will Dive Deep into AGIIS Functionality, Capabilities

By Christopher Crutchfield, AGIIS Product Manager

AgGateway’s Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) is one of the industry’s most valuable resources, but how well are we putting its vast array of tools and functionality to work?

At the AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting, held June 9-11 in Altoona, IA, I had the privilege of facilitating several AGIIS education sessions. We began with an entry level session that introduced attendees to the basic concept of AGIIS, and later on moved to more in-depth training around entity and product enumeration and management.

As I put together the curriculum for these courses, it dawned on me just how much functionality AGIIS offers, and how much of this functionality the average user most likely doesn’t know exists or doesn’t fully comprehend. This gave me an idea. What if we began a multi-part series in the AgGateway newsletter that provides readers insights to AGIIS, best practices, and tips and tricks for a more successful and productive user experience?

In the coming months, the AGIIS Update will do just that! We intend highlight everything from user and subscriber profile management to entity and product enumeration and lookup, as well as entity and product subset management. I hope you will find these articles informative, beneficial, and worth the read.

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