Celebrating the ADAPT Standard

Days before the start of the North America Mid-Year Meeting last month, AgGateway announced the release of the ADAPT version 1.0 Standard. Reaction from the industry has been extremely positive, as organizations move forward with plans for implementing the new standard.

Among those celebrating its release is Feroz Sheikh, Group Chief Information and Digital Officer at Syngenta Group and Immediate Past Chair of the AgGateway Board of Directors. Feroz shared some thoughts on ADAPT Standard in this Q and A:

How is this standard release beneficial to your organization and the industry at large?

For the industry, the release of the ADAPT standard plugs a very important gap in building interoperability between digital systems. It will allow different farm management systems, equipment and service providers to exchange data with each other seamlessly for the benefit of the grower and unlock innovation. We won’t have walled gardens anymore. Syngenta is committed to adopting and implementing the ADAPT standard as part of our Cropwise Platform.

What improvement(s) are you most excited about?

The ADAPT standard will reduce the effort for developers to integrate digital systems and exchange data. Instead of building point-to-point integrations, we can now implement the standard once, and plug the compliant systems. Agriculture is heterogenous – we find inputs from different companies, mixed fleet of equipment, multiple digital tools and service providers. For long, the biggest problem for growers has been that these tools don’t talk to each other. A standard like this will enable systems to talk to each other and unlock innovation.

How did the collaborative approach AgGateway provides make this project possible?

AgGateway is a platform for the members by the members. The standard has evolved after a lot of intellectual work done by experts across different companies. The various working groups of AgGateway provide a perfect platform to collaboratively evolve the standard through a rigorous process and peer reviews. Many companies also contributed their internal pre-competitive IP towards this effort which was amazing to see. Ultimately this will benefit all of us.