AgGateway Participates in Major Agtech Events in Latin America

Latin America

AgGateway Participates in Major Agtech Events in Latin America

By José Alexandre Loyola, AgGateway Latin America Regional Director

I was pleased to represent AgGateway at the second edition of Summit Agrihub on August 27, an event hosted by our associate member Agrihub, in Cuiabá/MT Brazil. I participated on a panel with other agribusiness professionals to discuss the challenges of expanding access to new digital technologies among rural producers in Latin America.

AgGateway also supported the digital edition of the ANDAV Congress event, hosted by AgGateway associate member the National Association of Agricultural and Veterinary Input Distributors (ANDAV). The event is the largest in the agricultural input distribution sector in Latin America, and took place August 11-13. The event featured a great deal of valuable content shared in lectures and discussions about the industry and digital technologies.

Finally, AgGateway was a supporter of the II Online Seminar on Precision and Digital Agriculture, hosted by AgGateway associate member AsBraAP - Brazilian Association of Precision Farming Companies. AgGateway helped promote the August 31-September 2 event through social media. The seminar disseminated concepts about precision and digital agriculture, including its challenges and promises for advances in these new technology frontiers.

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