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Leaf: Developer Tools for Agriculture

By the AgGateway Communications Committee

AgGateway welcomes Leaf Agriculture, a company focused on providing farm data infrastructure as a service to help agtech companies focus on their core products and users.

According to Leaf CEO G. Bailey Stockdale, software developers use Leaf’s API to:

  • become compatible with all major agriculture brands via a single integration
  • translate proprietary machine data files
  • import, export and reconcile field boundaries from other platforms
  • retrieve and serve imagery from multiple providers
  • organize and manage their user’s data
  • solve many other use cases.

In addition, Stockdale notes, Leaf includes a comprehensive SLA and all ongoing maintenance, and works to constantly improve their services with new products, features and data sources.

“Our goal is to help our customers and the industry become massively successful by allowing them to focus on their core products while we handle the backend integrations, file conversions, data standardization, fun quirks of each provider’s API, and of course the ongoing maintenance when third party APIs change,” Stockdale said.

Stockdale said Leaf believes that developers are a key piece of agtech’s success. “Leaf’s team is obsessed with designing and building the best tools for developers in the industry,” he said, adding that, “Leaf is excited to be a part of AgGateway and contribute to the important work being done to help advance the industry.”

Welcome Leaf!