Corteva Makes Major Contribution to Improve Interoperability


Corteva Makes Major Contribution to Improve Interoperability in Agriculture

By Jim Wilson, AgGateway Chief Technology Officer

AgGateway’s ADAPT open-source community continues its steady progress on improving the ADAPT framework and various plugins. The result of that progress is better interoperability in agriculture between different software and hardware applications.

A few years ago, Proagrica’s Steve Hipwell led an effort to automate a process that watched for contributed code to be accepted by the ADAPT technical team and then compile that code, test it, post it to a service convenient for developers to access, and then notify developers of its availability. Automated processes of this type are often referred to as a CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration/continuous deployment).

Time passed and things changed. One of the tools in the tool chain changed, which required the ADAPT technical team to make a modification. To do that, the team needed the assistance of a DevOps engineer. AgGateway notified its membership of the need and Corteva’s Bryce Hemme (Granular) answered the call. Coordinating closely with Kelly Nelson (Farmbelt North) and Stuart Rhea (Syngenta), Bryce upgraded the tool chain, maintaining continuity with what Steve originally implemented.

AgGateway’s ADAPT continues to be a shining example of what the industry can accomplish when companies work together. A few highlights over the years:

  • John Deere with the initial vision and code contribution
  • Topcon sponsoring the ISOXML plugin development
  • CNH’s Dan Danford as current and long-time ADAPT business team leader
  • AGCO and Kuhn creating and maintaining the ADAPT open source website
  • Cotton Inc. sponsoring development of a cotton plugin
  • Syngenta curating the ADAPT data model.

Thanks again to Bryce as the latest contributor to ADAPT’s long and growing list!