Digital Resource Briefs

ADAPT, Product Catalog

ADAPT Standard Release Coming Soon
For the past few weeks, the ADAPT Standard team has been addressing a handful of outstanding issues leading to the release of Version 1.0. The ADAPT Standard team continues to meet every Wednesday from 11:00 – 12:00 US Eastern Time, and It is not too late to contribute your time and expertise. To sign up, send an email to our member services department.

Latest Product Catalog Version Released
AgGateway has released Product Catalog Version 2.5, which is available to AgGateway members for immediate download at If you do not have access, or receive an error when you click on the link, reach out via email to request access. This release adds support for base unit of measure independent of package, such as bulk shipments. This is based on the Crop Protection GTIN work group meetings of 2022.