Europe Region Update

Mid-Year Seminar Coming in June

By Conny Graumans, AgGateway Europe Regional Director

AgGateway Europe leadership is pleased to announce its upcoming Mid-Year Seminar to take place 22 June, 2023 from 9:00 to 16:00 Central European Time. This is an open meeting available to both members and non-members.

The program will feature several short presentations focused on relevant developments in data sharing and data processing related to smart sustainable farming and precision agriculture. The final agenda will be released later this month. We welcome individuals and organizations to consider contributing to the seminar with a short presentation that fits our content objectives.

These objectives include but are not limited to the following topic areas:

  • First results from AgGateway’s Working Group, Standard Report Crop Inputs-Data Sharing with FMIS (WG21)
  • First results from CropLife Europe’s Digital Label Compliance initiative
  • Impact of the European Data Act on data sharing in agriculture
  • The European Data Act; data ethics, data ownership, data portability
  • Carbon footprint and sustainable farming
  • The evolution of biofuels
  • Handling buffer zones in precision farming
  • Field identification and field boundaries
  • Field robotics and image processing
  • Cyber security; self-assessment-tool and Agrifood ISAC

Other topic ideas are welcome as well. The program will be finalized in the coming month. To be considered for leading a presentation, please reach out to me via email. 

If you or your organization would like to contribute to this seminar with a short presentation that fits the objectives of this meeting, please let me know.

The location of the seminar will be confirmed in the days ahead, as well as a list of hotel recommendations. To sign up for the Mid-Year Seminar, click here.