AgGateway, ICAR Sign MOU to Improve Resource Sharing on Data Interoperability Initiatives


AgGateway, ICAR Sign MOU to Improve Resource Sharing on Data Interoperability Initiatives

Representatives from AgGateway and the International Committee on Animal Recording (ICAR) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) designed to allow both organizations to better utilize existing resources and more rapidly develop projects that improve digital interoperability in animal agriculture applications. ICAR is a leader in livestock identification and associated data exchange.

“This Memorandum of Understanding outlines the ways in which our organizations will interact and partner for work when appropriate,” says Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO. “ICAR’s resources have implications for our work in animal agriculture, as well as other AgGateway work like Laboratory Data Standards and Observations and Measurements. We’re looking forward to leveraging this new, formalized relationship.”

Recently, AgGateway has been facilitating a member working group around traceability data needs for feed inputs to dairy herds. The MOU will allow the working group to maximize member value and build upon work already done.

“We’re pleased to more formalize this cooperative relationship and believe it will facilitate the work both of our organizations are doing to bring interoperable data solutions to animal agriculture stakeholders around the world,” says René van der Linde, Senior Projects Executive with ICAR.

The agreement was signed on 8 May at the 46th American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) DISCOVER Conference in Itasca, Illinois, USA.


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