Member Services

Revenue Survey Coming This Month

By Kimberly Chauche, Administrative Assistant

As our current five-year strategic plan winds down and preparations begin for work on the next plan that will launch in 2026, the Member Services staff is working on a number of projects that will provide building blocks for task ahead.

One key activity will involve evaluating the current membership tiers, which was last done in 2020 prior to the consolidation of the organization. To inform the process, Member Services will be sending out a survey later this month to gather information about member revenue. “We will use the results to help us make sure that our tiers are appropriate, and whether the ranges are still representative of the current membership or if they need to be adjusted,” says Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO.

Be on the lookout for an email survey coming out in early to mid-June, 2024, to help us gather the revenue information we rely on to make sure that we are representing our membership accurately. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Member Services. (