2017 November Newsletter

2017 November Newsletter

November 2017   Volume 11 Number 10

  • It’s not too late! Join us next week in San Diego for AgGateway’s Annual Conference!
  • Think Like a Startup – Monday, Nov. 6: a high-energy, fun workshop to see your organization through a new lens, using elements of design thinking, agile and lean startup.

Annual Conference

Join Us Next Week in San Diego!

By Susan Ruland, AgGateway Communications Director

There is still time to join us in San Diego for the AgGateway Annual Conference, Nov. 6-9 at the beautiful Hilton Resort & Spa. Highlights of this year’s conference include the “Think Like A Startup” pre-conference workshop, the “Seed Quick Connect” half-day session, and our featured speakers, Chase Sowden, Marc Bolick, and Larkin Martin! View the Annual Conference webpage for more information. 

Another highlight this year is the Emerging Technologies Forum, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 3:30-5:00 pm. Hosted by the Allied Providers Council, this is the place to hear about new (or newly adopted) technologies and their potential impact in agriculture. This year’s topic will cover Big Data, and the technologies coming into place that allow for its consumption and use. Read more...

Leadership Profile

Aaron Berger, Software & Integration Engineer, AgSense, LLC, and Operational Board Representative for the Precision Ag Council

By J. Nolfo, BASF and Communications Committee Chair

How long have you been involved with AgGateway, and what are your current activities with AgGateway?

I started with AgGateway by attending the 2012 Mid-Year Meeting, on the recommendation of my boss. I joined the PAIL (irrigation) Project shortly after. I became PAIL Chair in 2016 and the Operational Management Board representative for the Precision Ag Council this year.

Give us a quick synopsis of your career path – where did you start, and where are you now?

I started working at AgSense in the summer of 2004 as a junior programmer and have moved on to be a senior programmer with oversight of our database and API operations.

Tell us about one or two accomplishments within AgGateway that you’re particularly proud of, as well as how your company benefited.

I am proud of the work that the ADAPT (precision ag framework) and PAIL (irrigation) teams have done. I have gotten to see ADAPT being used in the wild and watched users consume it. It makes me excited for PAIL’s release so that developers can start using it. Read more...

Social Media Update! LinkedIn Group Featured Topic

What Makes a Great Mentor?

By J. Nolfo, BASF and Communications Committee Chair

The AgGateway LinkedIn group is a great place to pose questions for members to answer and share relevant content, articles and other types of information that others within the group – especially AgGateway members – would be interested in.

The Communications and Membership Committees want members to get more involved in our LinkedIn group, so we have started featuring a new question every month. This month’s featured question comes from Denice Foster, Chair of the Membership Committee, who is also responsible for the mentoring program. Read more...

New Member

Welcome Tronia Systems

By Kristin Nottingham, Software Solutions Integrated, LLC

Tronia Systems is a technology development company tailored toward ag retail since 1986. Located in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, their software, Agrē, is an integrated financial, agronomy, and blending program with the largest footprint in Canada. Offering their hosted, eSignature, and agronomic services from coast to coast, Tronia Systems has over 400 retailers using their software, including fertilizer and chemical dealerships as well as seed, feed and grain retailers. Read more...

Member Services

Live from San Diego, … It’s “Member Services Live!”

By Chris Crutchfield, AgGateway Member Services

The Annual Conference is next week in sunny San Diego, and Member Services will once again be available to attendees throughout the conference during what we call “Member Services Live!”. Member Services Live is a desk near registration where we provide an opportunity for conference attendees to get personalized help regarding AgGateway membership, Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) subscriptions, eConnectivity resources, the AgGateway wiki, and anything else you have questions about regarding AgGateway. Read more...

Council Updates – Allied Providers

Heads Up Allied Providers: Seed Connectivity Session and Products & Services Directory

By Steve Daigle, Elemica, and Allied Providers Council Vice-Chair

Next Tuesday at Annual Conference, AgGateway will be hosting a “Seed Quick Connect” working session where seed manufacturers, distributors, retailers and allied providers will be discussing the challenges within the seed business and how electronic connectivity can help remove barriers to effective communication. If you’re involved in seed connectivity, don’t miss out on an opportunity to participate in the discussion! Read more...

Business Rules

Harmonizing Business Rules

By Eileen Licitra , Iteris, Inc.

Imagine a digital process where, no matter what segment your business is in, or what segments you partner with or sell to, your eConnectivity business rules were relevant, saved time, and resulted in more satisfied trading partners.

AgGateway is striving for just that!


Got Objections to Barcode Implementation? Here are Some Responses

By Randy Fry, Ceres Solutions

Has your company implemented AIDC (barcoding)? We hear all kinds of reasons why ag supply companies haven’t implemented tools and systems to utilize the accuracy and efficiency of AIDC. Here are just a few:

  • It’s too expensive.
  • Not all of my partner manufacturers add barcodes to their products.
  • I don’t know how to start.
  • It’s too complicated for our little business.
  • We implemented it once, but retailers didn’t use it.
  • My software hasn’t included it in their system.  Read more...

Gateway to Ag Careers

Look for These Five Stellar Students Next Week at Conference!

By Kristin Nottingham, Software Solutions Integrated, LLC

Congratulations to Colton Schlemme, Katie O’Brien, Lauren Sendelbach, Maria Naverrete and Trey Colley, winners of the Gateway to Ag Careers grant! These five students are invited to attend the Annual Conference next week in San Diego! Read more...

AgGateway in the News

AgGateway in the News

This month we found stories on AgGateway’s ADAPT and precision ag activities highlighted, including a release on ADAPT from AgGateway member Red Wing Software.

Project to integrate ag management software, AgriNews – October 16, 2017; Ag data from tractors, combines, planters and other farm machinery present a huge opportunity for growers to manage their operations more efficiently, but only if all the sources of that data can communicate. Syngenta is helping to lead a project aimed at doing just that. The Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit is a project that AgGateway, a nonprofit consortium of more than 230 ag businesses, is spearheading.

Red Wing Software® Committed to Agricultural Interoperability, ThomasNet.com – September 28, 2017; Red Wing Software, developer of accounting and payroll solutions since 1979, has joined and is active with AgGateway, an organization whose goal is to enable an expand eBusiness in agriculture. Red Wing Software welcomes integration opportunities with other agricultural programs. AgGateway’s ADAPT (Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit) framework provides a new and universal method of sharing data between applications.

Precision Farming Market Size 2017: Global Research Report and Gross Margin Analysis Till 2022, Digital Journal – October 18, 2017; Precision farming can help to supply the equivalent amount of food to the rising world population and helps farmers to achieve a greater suitability, higher productivity, economic benefits and environmental protection. The prominent players identified in the market of Precision Farming are AGCO Corporation (U.S.), Deere & Company (U.S.), AG Leader Technology (U.S.), AgEagle Aerial Systems (U.S.), Aglytix Inc. (U.S.), AgGateway (U.S.), Precision Planting (U.S.), AgJunction Inc. (U.S.), Agribotix (U.S.), Dickey-John Corporation (U.S.) among others. Some other players in this market are Raven Industries, Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., AquaSpy, CropMetrics, Farmobile, Granular, IBM Watson among others.

Precision Farming Market Size 2017: Industry Expected to Grow at US $7 billion at growth rate of 12% by Forecast 2022, Industry Today – October 16, 2017; There are various factors such as soil, weather, water and vegetation which varies from place to place and these factors also plays very vital role in crop growth and farming success. Key players… AgGateway, etc.