Leadership Profile

Doug Farrington, Head IS Business Partnering, North America, Syngenta; and Vice-Chair of AgGateway’s Strategic Board

By J. Nolfo, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions and Communications Committee Chair

How long have you been involved with AgGateway, and what are your current activities with AgGateway?
Four years. I am currently the Vice-Chair of the Strategic Board of Directors.

Give us a quick synopsis of your career path – where did you start, and where are you now?
I grew up on a corn/soybean farm in central Illinois, worked for two grain companies, built and ran a software company for nine years, worked in the distilled spirits industry in IT, and have been at Syngenta for 4+ years.

Tell us about one or two accomplishments within AgGateway that you’re particularly proud of.
I helped to shape the current board structure and refresh the 5-year strategy.

What, for you, is the most important thing AgGateway is working on now, and why?
The shift to digital agriculture represents a huge opportunity in agriculture, and our refreshed strategy reflects that we will be a leader to the agricultural value chain in digital.

What do you think are some of the most significant ways eConnectivity will impact agriculture in the years ahead?
As farming becomes more and more automated, devices will need to be connected, able to act in unison, and will need to be able to adapt to conditions in real-time. This will all need to be connected to other existing and future systems, and eConnectivity is what brings this all together.

How has being involved in AgGateway benefited you?
I have built some terrific industry relationships and have gained valuable insights into the needs of other value-chain members.

Tell us a little about your personal life - family, outside interests, etc.
I live in Greensboro, NC, and have property in Virginia where I enjoy kayaking, hiking, hunting and fishing.

What would you tell someone else who’s thinking about getting involved with AgGateway?
Membership in AgGateway provides an opportunity for your organization to be involved in leading the way in eConnectivity and digital agriculture, and provides a path for your organization, and for you personally, to stay relevant in eAgriculture!

Thank you for your leadership, Doug!